Healthier Alternative Products

~ Here’s To Your Health ~
Below are some of the healthy, natural and organic
products that several family members and I use when
cooking or baking. If I come across a recipe I’d like to
try, that calls for example; flour, oil, shortening, sugar,
soy sauce, confectioner’s sugar, food colorings, or salt,
 I personally use a more natural product like many of the
ones that I have listed below. The recipes turn out just
as moist, eye appealing and are deliciously flavorful! I try
to make wiser, more nutritious food choices for my family
and friends because I know that it’s better for their health.
Almost any recipe can be altered using healthier alternatives.
 If you desire to obtain any of the items below, call or visit your
local grocery or health food stores to see if they carry the product(s).
I have included several website addresses that may prove to be helpful
in obtaining information concerning the items you are interested in. As always,
you should check with your doctor to make sure these items will not interfere
with any medications you are taking or adversely affect any medical condition.
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~ Products ~
Kashi – variety of cereals, granola bars, frozen entrees etc.
Health Valley – variety of crackers, bars etc.
Tree Tavern Pizza - I have found it at Shop-Rite
Cascadian Farms – variety of granola bars, cereals, etc.
Muir Glen – variety of tomato sauce, diced tomato’s etc.
Amy's - macaroni & cheese, pizza, entrees, chili etc...
Organic Coconut Palm Sugar - Low Glycemic Sweetener
Organic Raw Sugar (granulated)
Stevia - all natural sugar substitute
SlimSweet - natural Low Glycemic Sweetener
Unbleached All-Purpose Flour - King Authur is a great brand
Whole Wheat Flour - King Authur is a great brand
Organic wheat germ - perfect to add to baked goods, oatmeal etc.
Organic ground flaxseed flakes/meal - add to baked goods, oatmeal etc.
Organic oat bran - perfect to add to baked goods, oatmeal etc.
Organic almond flour
Organic coconut flour
Natural Food Colorings - derived from fruits & vegetables
Organic Pure Vanilla Extract
Non-Aluminum Baking Powder
 Raw Honey or Tupelo Honey
Ricemellow – tastes almost like marshmallow fluff!
Organic Almond, Cashew or Rice Milk
Organic Cage Free Farm Eggs 
Organic Peanut Butter/Almond Butter/Cashew Butter
Organic Cereals, Grains & Breads
Organic Baking Cocoa
Organic Chocolate Chips
Organic Cake Mixes
Organic Spices
Organic Nuts
Bragg Liquid Aminos - all-purpose seasoning, soybean derived
Spike All-Purpose Seasoning - also available salt free
Safflower or Sunflower Oil - healthy oils great to cook with
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar with only "naturally occurring sulfites"
Organic Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
Himalayan Pink Salt
Sea Salt
Organic Pasta Sauces & Pastas
Natural Low Sodium Chicken Stock
Ground Turkey/Turkey Sausage & Turkey Bacon - without nitrates
Natural Soda’s (without artificial colors/sweeteners)
Dried Fruit - Without Sulfur Dioxide
Organic Fruits & Vegetables
Organic Herbs

~ Web Sites ~ (an awesome site to shop organic/natural products!!!)

~ Final Note ~
The variety of organic, natural and healthy products that
are available these days is quite extensive. The list I provided
only showcases some of the numerous items that can be used
interchangeably with many of the ingredients that recipes call for.
More people these days are health conscious and are cooking
healthier foods. More stores carry natural, organic, healthy
products. So I urge you to explore the healthy possibilities
with your favorite family recipes!

Here’s To Your Health, Happy Cooking!
Lisa Ann