Saturday, December 28, 2013


One of my family's recipes "Maple Carrot Cupcakes"
was published in TASTE OF HOME HOLIDAY BAKING 2013!!!
I submitted this recipe in 2000, and it was published in a
magazine then, and it has continued over the past 14 years
to be published in many magazines and cookbooks since,
I guess it's safe to say that people must enjoy them!!!
My Mom Mom Flora started making this recipe many, many,
years ago (passed down from her Mom)...but as a cake,
then my Mom took over making the cakes, but a healthier
version, and then I made them into carrot cupcakes for my it continues to be passed down through the very excited to have this recipe showcased
once again in such a prestigious culinary magazine!
(World's #1 Food & Entertaining Magazine (Taste Of Home)!!!

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